Star Wars Anakin to Darth Vader Figure Review

Star Wars Anakin to Darth Vader Figure ReviewStar Wars is one of the most popular science fiction series on your planet, and for a good reason. It tells the story of an epic space saga taking place in a galaxy far away from our own. The series is so popular that it has seen revival countless times, once on the big screen and many other times on the television. Darth Vader, the prime antagonist in the movie is one of the most cherished villains of all times. Now, with the Star Wars Anakin to Darth Vader figure, even you can experience power of going over to the dark side. Every Star Wars fan knows that Anakin Skywalker is the true face behind Darth Vader, and this cool action figure gives you a mechanism to transform it from one to the other seamlessly without much effort. The transformation from a Jedi to a Sith Lord is one of the coolest features of this action figure.

Star Wars Anakin to Darth Vader Figure Features:

1. This is a two-in-one figure featuring both Anakin Skywalker and his alter ego Darth Vader.

2. The lightsaber supplied with the action figure can change its colour from Jedi blue to Sith red at the press of a button. The button is located on the arm of the figure.

3. Features a realistic Vader mask, helmet, cape and breast plate with all the buttons and controls on it.

4. The action figure features real sounds and phrases from the movie. In Anakin mode, it features sounds of Anakin, while it changes to a much darker tone of the Sith Lord when it is in Vader mode.

5. Vader’s breathing sounds are also portrayed realistically by the action figure.

6. This toy requires one 1.5V AA battery to operate and is intended for all kids aged 4 years and above.

The first thing you’ll notice when you lay your eyes on this product is the fantastic detailing on the product. The action figure is 32 centimeters in length, and Anakin’s features have been portrayed as realistically as possible, right from his face to his lightsaber. Darth Vader also reprises his role in a similar fashion, with all the cloth and armor elements tagged in. Transforming from an ideal young Jedi to a powerful Sith Lord is very easy with this action figure.

Star Wars Anakin to Darth Vader Figure Pros:

1. The action figure is made up of sturdy materials that feel very solid in your hands. They are very less prone to breaking, enduring that your kids can play tirelessly with the figure without breaking it apart.

2. The design of the action figure follows the portrayal of Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader very closely. Anakin is realistic enough to pass off as a Jedi, whereas Vader looks menacing as ever with his mask, helmet, breathing apparatus and cloak on.

3. The lightsaber supplies with the action figure glows in two different colours. You can manually change the colors of the lightsaber by pressing the button placed on the upper arm of the action figure. The lighstsaber changes from blue to red, and vice-versa, at the press of the button.

4. The toy is a great joy to play with, especially when Anakin is being dressed as Darth Vader by putting the mask, helmet and all other accessories on him. All the accessories are sturdy, of good size, and feel excellent in your hands.

5. Star Wars fans would love to play with this toy, remembering the conflicting character that they’ve grown to like over the years.

Star Wars Anakin to Darth Vader Figure Cons:

1. Anakin’s head is slightly visible on the side from the mask, but only at certain angles. While this is not such a glaring error, it is still and aesthetic point that has to be considered.

2. It requires one single battery to operate, but the glowing light saber and realistic voices totally make it worthy. However, the fact remains that this toy requires a battery to function properly.


Star Wars Anakin to Darth Vader figure is an amazing toy that will be loved by all Star Wars fans alike. Whether it is an adult or a kid, the Star Wars franchise is loved by people of all ages. With the help of this action figure, your kids can replay the wonderful moments portrayed in the films. Currently, Amazon is the best place to buy this action figure. Nevertheless, with the Christmas just a few months away, and the holiday season approaching soon, it is recommended that you order your product soon before the stocks run out. Your kids would love to play with the Star Wars Anakin to Darth Vader action figure.


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